Industrial Rentals

Operating from the heart of the Mississippi River basin, Tiger Canopy Commercial Rentals has long provided an assortment of shelter- and food-related services to the plants along the river and Gulf Coast areas.

During large construction or refurbishment projects, we have repeatedly demonstrated our performance in the context of the industry's regulatory environment. In addition to that, when tropical storm and hurricane events damage plants and industrial centers, Tiger Canopy Commercial Rentals can be on the scene within hours to provide emergency recovery services of all types, including shelter, power, food, light, climate control, debris removal and other similarly needed services. When large industries require our support services, we're ready to deliver our equipment and services on time and within budget throughout the United States and the world.

We provide the following industrial services:

  • Soft-sided tents, canopies and shelters.
  • Structural tents.
  • Flooring, lighting, public address systems, shelving.
  • Specialized carpentry, as needed.
  • Air conditioning and heating.
  • Site preparation work requiring heavy equipment, site clearing or earth moving.
  • Road and parking lot construction.
  • Debris removal.
  • Full range of food provision and catering services.
  • All hygiene-related needs, including portable toilets, hand-washing stations, black and gray water removal and laundry facilities.
  • Bed and bedding supplies.
  • Specialized equipment.
  • Manpower for labor and safety personnel.
  • Tools and implements, as needed.
  • "Hotshot" services.

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